Italian torrone is a famous Italian nougat candy that is loved around the world. It is made with honey, egg whites, sugar and roasted dried fruit. Following a careful procedure of whipping and heating the various ingredients, this recipe will show you how to create the classic white-colored nougat filledRead More →

Lobster ravioli is my all-time favorite recipe. That is probably because my nonna, who owned a restaurant, would make it for our family on special occasions. She even taught the local fisherman who sold her lobster to make this homemade lobster ravioli recipe. The fisherman ended up opening a restaurantRead More →

This double chocolate peanut butter fudge is layered with a smooth milk chocolate base, a creamy peanut butter center and a rich chocolate fudgy top. It’s an indulgent no-bake dessert that is irresistible!  After I perfected my old-fashioned chocolate fudge recipe, I didn’t think that fudge could get any better untilRead More →

There’s no denying that Italian food and dessert cuisine is among the most popular in the world. Just think of famous Italian desserts like a creamy cup of chocolate gelato or a luscious pistachio tiramisu. One such amazing authentic Italian sweet treat is called struffoli, little fried dough balls smotheredRead More →

The art of making the perfect crumbly crostata or Italian sweet shortcrust pastry for cookies starts with this easy and quick pasta frolla recipe. Pasta frolla is the Italian term for sweet shortcrust pastry made from a base of flour, butter, egg and sugar. In just a few steps, youRead More →

With only 4 ingredients, this homemade bisquick mix is a versatile baking staple that combines flour, baking powder, salt, and butter for a convenient base used to make a variety of baked goods like pancakes, biscuits, and coffee cake! While baking from scratch is wonderful, sometimes it’s nice to takeRead More →

Not sure what to serve for dinner tonight? How about this easy zucchini fritters recipe served with a dollop of sour cream or other dipping sauce and with a side of diced ham and poached eggs? These crispy zucchini fritters are easy to make and one of our favorite zucchiniRead More →

Easy to make Slow Cooker Chili Soup is a hearty bowl of comfort food with an Italian flare! Loaded with ground beef, beans, tomatoes, veggies and seasonings, it simmers all day in the crockpot for the best rich flavor. I love that with a slow cooker all you have toRead More →

Nutella Cheesecake is a no-bake dessert bar. Say hello to your new favorite treat: No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake Bars. These delicious bars are the essence of indulgence without a lot of effort, making them the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. The Beauty of No-Bake Desserts No-bake desserts have been aRead More →