We love turning fresh vegetables from the garden or farmers market into a homemade giardiniera dish, a wonderful Italian condiment or side dish that is very versatile because you can use virtually any veggie you love. It makes the perfect addition to a quick and easy lunch of sliced curedRead More →

Famous around the world for its delightful coffee flavor and creamy smooth taste, tiramisu is one of Italy’s most well-loved desserts. Most people order it when they go to their favorite Italian restaurant, but this recipe is so easy you can start making it at home. Its name means pick-me-upRead More →

Ladyfingers, called Savoiardi in Italian, are an easy to make, simple Italian cookie with a long shape and spongy but firm texture. Ladyfingers are a bit like a small sponge cake and are often used as the base for other, more complex, Italian desserts such as tiramisu, Italian trifle (zuppaRead More →

Perfectly crisp on the outside and airy on the inside, these little Zeppole donuts are a classic Italian pastry that is unbelievably delicious and incredibly easy to make. With just a few simple pantry ingredients and this foolproof recipe, you can easily make these Italian sweet treats right at homeRead More →

With a shell shape that makes the perfect little crevice for your favorite sauces, this Homemade Cavatelli Recipe shows you how easy it can be to make delicious fresh pasta at home. It’s a classic Southern Italian short pasta that only requires 2 simple ingredients and less than an hourRead More →

Nothing is tastier or easier to make than mozzarella in carrozza sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food from Naples. This simple and straightforward dish resembles a fried grilled cheese sandwich. All that’s required are a few essential ingredients and some simple frying skills to produce these white bread wonders with oozyRead More →

Kaiserschmarrn is a lightly sweetened shredded pancake that often contains raisins and is served with applesauce or berry compote or jam. It can be found in Trentino-Alto Adige, but originated in the royal kitchens of Austria, according to legend. This dish is typically served as a dessert, but makes aRead More →

Pretzels are one of the world’s oldest snacks. These soft and chewy brown treats that are shaped like an open knot are a well-loved standard found at bars and cafes in Trentino-Alto Adige and of course all over Germany. The bretzel, usually called pretzel in English, is known for itsRead More →

What are canederli? Canederli are northern Italian dumplings made from stale bread, eggs and milk and a few other ingredients. These delicious bread dumplings are often cooked and served directly in broth or sometimes served “dry” after cooking. The dish, canederli in broth, is from the Italian region of Trentino-AltoRead More →

What are krapfen? Krapfen, also called bomboloni, are Italian doughnuts (sometimes spelled donuts!) from Alto Adige with origins that go back hundreds of years. There are many different hypotheses about who invented krapfen, but the most popular seems to be either a baker in Berlin, which would explain the GermanRead More →