​This fast and easy Potato Broccoli Casserole is the perfect side dish. Three layers of broccoli, potatoes, a creamy sauce with a sprinkling of parmesan will make this delicious bake a family favourite. Hello Broccoli Season, we all know How Good Broccoli is for us but we also know that sometimes for some of usRead More →

If you ever travel to Bari, the main city in Puglia (Italy’s heel), right from the airport you will be welcomed by the flavor of their signature dish, the focaccia barese (i.e. from Bari). Even the wall at the bar will make you super clear what is the gastronomic productRead More →

This double chocolate peanut butter fudge is layered with a smooth milk chocolate base, a creamy peanut butter center and a rich chocolate fudgy top. It’s an indulgent no-bake dessert that is irresistible!  After I perfected my old-fashioned chocolate fudge recipe, I didn’t think that fudge could get any better untilRead More →

Nutella Cheesecake is a no-bake dessert bar. Say hello to your new favorite treat: No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake Bars. These delicious bars are the essence of indulgence without a lot of effort, making them the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. The Beauty of No-Bake Desserts No-bake desserts have been aRead More →

With just a handful of basic ingredients, homemade simple scones are an irresistible treat! Freshly baked, these tender and flaky pastries remain soft with a secret ingredient and are perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert.  One breakfast treat that my whole family can agree upon are these homemade simple scones!Read More →

Bursting with fresh summer flavors, this Easy Caprese Panino is a delightful Italian sandwich that requires minimal preparation! It’s made with the classic combination of fresh juicy tomatoes, creamy burrata mozzarella, basil pesto for a mouthwatering meal that is bursting with flavors. While you can make this easy Caprese paninoRead More →

No churn coffee chocolate ripple ice cream is a simple and delicious dessert that can be made without an ice cream maker. This recipe is perfect for anyone who loves homemade ice cream but doesn’t have the equipment to make it. With just four ingredients it’s fast, easy and soRead More →

Tigelle are small circular focaccia bread rolls that look like English muffins and are used to make cute round sandwiches that can be either sweet or savory and are always delicious. Originally cooked in wood-fired ovens between terracotta “tigelle” and then later made with a piece of equipment called aRead More →

Gnocchi alla Romana is a dish from Lazio, the Italian region where Rome is located. It is a typical first course dish that is prepared on Thursdays as a filling dish served alongside meatballs to help Romans through the next day, Friday, that historically had lighter meals and no meatRead More →