​Luscious and creamy with a melt-in-your mouth texture this layered Tiramisu Choux Cake is made with choux pastry dough sandwiched between a traditional tiramisu filling. It’s similar to a cream puff but easier to make and is perfect for special occasions!  If you were to combine tiramisu cake and anRead More →

​Homemade mushroom lasagna is layered with tender noodles and a savory tomato based mushroom sauce! Plenty of cheese and a creamy white sauce add a luscious texture that makes it a family favorite. Best of all, make it ahead and freeze some for later!  Hearty lasagna recipes are our favorite Sunday dinner.Read More →

​With a trio of chocolate indulgence, easy triple chocolate bark combines dark, milk and white chocolate with Nutella for a no-bake holiday treat that is not only quick to make but perfect for gifting and snacking!  Simple yet impressive, easy triple chocolate bark is one of my favorite homemade candyRead More →

​When it comes to Italian cookies, biscotti stands as a timeless classic that is appreciated and eaten around the world. These twice-baked, oblong biscuits have a unique charm, offering a perfect blend of crispness and crunch. Whether you enjoy them with a cup of coffee in the morning or asRead More →

​With a melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbread base and a smooth layer of sweet icing, these frosted shortbread cookies are just as perfect for any holiday or festive occasion as they are enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea!  These Christmas cookies are perfect to share with loved ones! Other favoritesRead More →

​ One of the easiest and most delicious cookies in all of Italy, made in almost every region from north to south including the islands, are amaretti cookies made with ground almonds, sugar, egg whites and little more. You can find large amaretti cookies that have whole almonds if youRead More →

​ Genovese sauce is a smooth blend of slow-cooked onions and pieces of meat and is considered one of the great inventions of the Neapolitan kitchen because, contrary to what its name would suggest, this traditional Italian sauce comes from Naples and not Genoa! This delicious dish traditionally had noRead More →

​This Easy Mulled Wine is a comforting, aromatic blend of a full-bodied red wine simmered with sweet dried figs, crisp apple slices, zesty orange slices, and warm spices like cinnamon and cloves, sweetened to perfection with honey. It’s the perfect drink to warm up a chilly evening. My mother-in-law’s answerRead More →

​Creamy and cheesy with a golden top, this Parmesan ham and potato casserole is made with thinly sliced potatoes that are layered with savory ham and Parmesan cheese. It’s a comforting dish that can be served as a dinner main or side plus it’s a great way to use leftoverRead More →

​Mouthwatering with the best warm cinnamon sugar flavor, these Crunchy Cinnamon Sugar Cookies have crisp edges with a soft, thick and chewy interior. Easy to make with the perfect balance of texture and spice, these are the best cookies for any fall or holiday special occasion.  Thick, crunchy cookies withRead More →