Italian Nutella Cake Nutella Cake, a soft very typical Italian Yellow Cake filled with a generous helping of Nutella, the perfect Snack, Breakfast, or even Dessert recipe. Kids will love it and adults too! Who doesn’t love Desserts? And who doesn’t love the taste of a delicious, homemade, soft cake? Especially ifRead More →

Cabbage & Farro Soup When you have been blogging as long as I have (over 20 years!), you accumulate a lot of recipes. In fact, I have over 1,500 recipes posted on Italian Food Forever, but unfortunately, great recipes like this one that was shared many years ago with notRead More →

Ricotta Spinach Tarts Ricotta Spinach Tarts are a fast and easy appetizer. Pre-made pastry makes these tarts so easy, and each one is filled to the brim with a delicious cheesy spinach ricotta filling. Whenever I make these easy spinach tarts, I can’t help but think of my husband’s parents. When I first came toRead More →

Arugula Pistachio Pesto When most folks hear the word pesto, they automatically think of the Ligurian specialty made with fresh basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Although this regional specialty is indeed delicious and I make it often myself, there are so many more options when it comesRead More →

Italian Pronunciation: vowels How to pronounce vowels in Italian: Chances are that you already know how. The post Italian Pronunciation: vowels appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: Italian Pronunciation: vowels Download article as PDFRead More →