Mostarda di frutta What is mostarda? Mostarda is a typical Italian condiment made with candied fruit and mustard oil with a spicy and sweet flavor that is traditional of the Lombard culinary tradition. Born from the need to preserve fruit, it is often the protagonist of winter recipes. It canRead More →

Grilled Eggplant And Tomato Salad Grilling any vegetable seems to really enhace it’s flavor, and in this recipe the eggplant is no exception. This recipe is a great side dish, light lunch salad, or even a tasty addition to an antipasti platter. If you cannot find the small, Italian eggplantsRead More →

Casoncelli alla Bergamasca What is casoncelli? Among the many stuffed types of pasta that populate the regions throughout Italy, there is one, namely casoncelli, that seems to have come long before tortellini, and agnolotti. Although casoncelli is common in many parts of Lombardy, such as Brescia, Bergamo and Val Camonica,Read More →

Homemade Creamy Pistachio Liqueur This Creamy Pistachio Liqueur is easy to make and a cold and creamy drink for after dinner or a warm summer afternoon. It’s made with just five ingredients and keeps well for three weeks in the refrigerator – if it lasts that long!  Pistachio liqueur is very popular in Italy and I loveRead More →

Roasted Carrots, Fennel, & Red Onions I love roasting vegetables because the heat of the oven caramelizes the natural sugars within the veggies, which really intensifies the flavor, adding a subtle natural sweetness. This combination of vegetables is one of my favorites, and they create a satisfying lunch, appetizer, orRead More →

June, 2nd: the Festa della Repubblica explained So, June 2nd is the Festa della Repubblica. It’s when Italians celebrate the Republic. Here’s an explanation of this day. First and foremost, it might be easy to confuse this date with the Festa della Liberazione. While the latter celebrates the day ItalyRead More →

Easy Brownie Drop Cookies If you love brownies, you will love this easy brownie cookies recipe! These chocolate cookies are rich and fudgy like a brownie but made easy as a drop cookie. There’s no waiting time – it’s an easy no-chill cookie recipe ready in about 30 minutes. IRead More →

Three Cheese Stuffed Focaccia For novice bakers, focaccia is one of the easiest types of bread to start with, as it is almost foolproof. There is really no way to make a mistake as long as you follow the basic recipe. Focaccia is one bread that I make at leastRead More →