Olive Harvest 2021 It was so rewarding to travel back to Italy this fall to harvest our olives for oil this year. Last year due to Covid restrictions, we missed out and had to hire folks to pick our olives for us. This year’s olive harvest is not good forRead More →

Fried Potatoes, Peppers, & Onions This rustic recipe is one that reminds me of my Mother-In-Law as she would throw together a couple of vegetables just picked from her garden along with potatoes into a pan and create something delicious. It is a recipe typical of cucina povera, or ItalianRead More →

Walnut Cake {Torta di Noci} When I am in the mood, I can spend the entire day in the kitchen testing out new recipes and recreating old family favorites. It isn’t unusual for me to visit an outdoor market first thing in the morning, and then head to the kitchenRead More →

Venice Getaway 2021 I have just one week left here in Italy, and as much as I have loved my stay here, a month is just not enough. Over the past thirteen years, we have spent six months every year in Italy at our farmhouse here in Umbria. Unfortunately, dueRead More →

Creamy Kabocha Squash Pasta With Sausage The arrival of fall brings with it a bounty of cold weather ingredients to the marketplace, including a variety of winter squash, and a good selection of greens. I was so happy to find Kabocha squash at our local outdoor market in Deruta, thatRead More →

Friday Photos {October 22nd, 2021} It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks, which is why I missed posting photos last Friday. We took a quick trip to Venice with the pups, visited Trevi’s Festival of Black Celery and Sausage Festival, and had an amzing truffle meal in Trevi atRead More →

Deb’s Tried & True Sourdough Bread I have dabbled with sourdough for many years, but I was never thrilled with my results. While we were all on lockdown during the Pandemic, I started watching videos on how to perfect my sourdough bread, and I experimented (a LOT) with different recipesRead More →