Lemon, Olive Oil Biscotti With Almonds I’ve shared in that past that we have a biscotti jar sitting on our kitchen counter that I am responsible for keeping full. It is actually my husband’s biscotti container because I am not usually a cookie kind of girl. I have been remissRead More →

Italian Artichoke & Sausage Pasta This Italian Artichoke & Sausage Pasta is tasty, quick and easy dinner idea. The perfect pasta recipe for weeknight or weekend. People ask Pasta or Pizza and believe me that’s a tricky question. I honestly love them both. But there is nothing like a quickRead More →

L’Export Made in Italy nel Giappone Post-Covid Si è tenuto il 19 marzo l’appuntamento dei 100per100 Italian Talks dedicato al mercato giapponese, con sei relatori d’eccezione che hanno condiviso la propria visione sulle nuove dinamiche dell’export del made in Italy in Giappone.  Un’edizione digitale dei Talks raccontata attraverso un formatRead More →

Spring Pasta With Asparagus Pesto I love to prepare seasonal dishes using local ingredients in my kitchen. Obviously, as we pass from one season to the next, our tastes change due to the weather and what ingredients are available to us. As much as I love a warm bowl ofRead More →

Homemade Strawberry Jam without Pectin This Homemade Strawberry Jam without Pectin is made with only 3 ingredients. Deliciously sweet and perfect over toast or biscuits for breakfast or snack. The perfect way to use up some in season strawberries. When my mother-in-law was alive and would be making all herRead More →

Marinated Beans With Celery & Ricotta Salata We spent the month of February in Florida, and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather. Our new puppy arrived at the beginning of our stay, and he immediately settled in,  sleeping through the night in his crate, walking onRead More →

Sourdough Breakfast Crescent Rolls These soft and tender Sourdough Breakfast Crescent Rolls are made with sourdough discard. Lightly sweetened makes them perfect for Breakfast or Snack. Making these does take a little more time than regular crescent rolls. But the additional ingredient of the discard is all you need toRead More →

Calamari With Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Olives This is a dish I first enjoyed on the island of Sardinia. We took the ferry there and had a glorious time driving all over the island and dining on their specialty foods. The cuisine of Sardinia is unique, and being a small island,Read More →