These tasty Castagnole are have the delicate flavor of rum and orange. The perfect way to add some Italian Carnavale to your celebration. They can be fried or baked. So good you can’t stop at one! And yes it is that time of year again, every grocery store, coffee barRead More →

La Piadina also known as Flatbread is a delicious soft Italian bread recipe. It is a yeast free soft dough that is cooked on the stove top. The perfect wrap for all of your favourite fillings. Fast, Easy and so Tasty! I have wanted to make this flatbread forever. ItRead More →

These delicious Pasta Shells are stuffed with a creamy ricotta filling and topped with a classic Italian sauce. It makes the perfect family or special occasion dinner idea. Stuffed Pasta never tasted so good! Whenever I am looking for a comfort pasta food these stuffed shells are always one ofRead More →

These delicious Chocolate Chip Sweet Buns also known as Girelle in Italian, are made with a sweet yeast dough that is almost a puff pastry and a brioche dough combined. Add chocolate chips and it’s perfect. I love switching up breakfast from boring old cereal to a simple Italian FreshRead More →

This Italian Chicken also known in Italian as Cacciatore in Bianco or Hunter Chicken, is very easy, moist and so full of flavor, with fresh herbs and olive oil it will become one of your favorite chicken dinner recipes. Perfect served during the weeknight or even weekend! I can alwaysRead More →

This Authentic Tiramisu is how the original Tiramisu was made. Made with eggs, mascarpone and no cream. This version is creamy and delicious. Even better the day after! It makes the perfect classic Italian dessert. This post may contain affiliate links. See my full disclosure. As an Amazon Associate I earnRead More →

This Easy Tiramisu Recipe is a classic Italian dessert I learned in Italy. Made with lady fingers, mascarpone and fresh cream, it is made in 15 minutes and ready to eat in 2-3 hours. So good! In my house there is nothing that goes faster than a Tiramisu. The firstRead More →

These crunchy Nutella Pinwheel Cookies, start with a delicious buttery dough that is spread with lots of that amazing creamy hazelnut spread. Then rolled, sliced and baked to make the best Nutella Cookies! These crunchy Nutella Cookies have become one of our favorite cookies. We have decided that these areRead More →

This Tomato Cream Sauce, an easy sauce made with tomato passata and fresh cream. The perfect sauce for Homemade or Store bought Ravioli, Tortellini or even your favorite boxed pasta! One thing of many things I have learned about Italians is they will discuss food anytime and all the time,Read More →

This Italian Chocolate Chip Cake is filled with mini chocolate chips, it makes the perfect breakfast cake or snack treat. The cake goes well with milk and tea and has the perfect amount of sweetness. Kids will love it! This post may contain affiliate links. See my full disclosure. As anRead More →