Sourdough Focaccia With Kalamata Olives I did a lot of bread baking during the first six months of 2020, and as difficult as last year was, I did learn to bake with sourdough and perfected both my sourdough bread and my sourdough focaccia. I won’t detail making a sourdough starterRead More →

Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf Late winter, just before spring arrives, Myer lemons arrive in our stores. Myer lemons are a unique variety of citrus that are thought to be a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges. Myer lemons are smoother than regular lemons with a deep yellow skin andRead More →

Colomba di Pasqua {Easter Dove Bread} When I think of Christmas in Italy, I think of Panettone, and this sweet bread formed in the shape of a dove is what you find across Italy at Easter. Although Italians outdo themselves baking regional sweets for every holiday, this traditional sweet breadRead More →

Hot Cross Buns My Mother passed away two years ago this past week, and every time we reach a new anniversary, my Mom is constantly in my thoughts. My Mom wasn’t the best cook in the world, but she did make us homemade meals every night for dinner. She hadRead More →

Pizza Chena Pizza Chena, or Pizza Chiena, sometimes pronounced “Pizza Gaina,” is a southern Italian savory “pie” made with a variety of cheese, cold cuts, and eggs baked within a bread crust. There are many different recipes for this traditional Italian specialty, but this is the one I prefer. YouRead More →

Easter In Italy Easter in Italy is a Christian based holiday, which begins on Palm Sunday, and culminates the following week on Easter Sunday. Although all of Holy Week is important, it is Easter Sunday when the real festivities begin to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Easter week, or HolyRead More →

Pan di Ramerino {Sweet Easter Buns} I had great intentions to post several new Easter recipes this year, but then we found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic. The coronavirus has affected us all in a negative way, but I have been feeling so restless that I am findingRead More →

Italian Easter Recipes Easter is a very important holiday in Italy, and like most Italian holidays it revolves around both the church and holiday food specialties. Easter in Italy is a Christian based holiday, which begins on Palm Sunday, and culminates the following week on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday alsoRead More →

Spring Lentil & Farro Salad We just returned to Michigan after a month in Florida, and the weather here is decidedly spring-like. Today the temperature will reach the mid-sixties, and although it will cool later in the week, we will have a few warm days to get outside and beginRead More →