Pasta Carbonara With Nduja One of my favorite aspects of Italian cuisine is its regional differences. Almost every region in Italy has its own specialties, and although some dishes are shared between adjoining areas, the cuisine from region to region is uniquely different as well. My husband’s father is fromRead More →

Jokes about Italians Everybody knows about  British humor, but Italians have their very own kind of humor, too. See below the jokes about Italians and funny Italian jokes that will make you laugh! You’ll find all jokes in Italian with translation in English. It’s a mix of simple, self-deprecating jokesRead More →

After Easter… Pasquetta! Pasquetta, the day Italy spends grilling steaks, eating outdoors and enjoying the first real sun of the season. The post After Easter… Pasquetta! appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: After Easter… Pasquetta!Read More →

Greens & Cheese Stromboli A Stromboli is often confused with a calzone, and although they may begin with the same ingredients, it is how they are assembled that makes them different, more specifically, how they are sealed. A Stromboli is either rolled or braided, while a calzone is a circleRead More →

Easter traditional food An Italian Easter table is always ready to fill your eyes with beauty and your stomach with goodness The post Easter traditional food appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: Easter traditional foodRead More →

Altamura Focaccia {Focaccia d’Altamura} I love traveling from region to region throughout Italy as each region has its own landscape, dialect, and, best of all, specialty food items. Although we live in Umbria, Puglia will always own a piece of my heart as it is such a unique region. IRead More →

Chocolate Chip Almond Bundt Cake I went on a pound cake spree a while ago, and during that time, I tested out several recipes, tweaking them as I went along to finally get to the one I loved the most. That was my Perfect Sour Cream Lemon Pound Cake. ThisRead More →

Calabrian Chile Butter If you have followed my blog, you’ll know that I have become obsessed with Calabrian chili products. You can buy them in jars whole, or pureed into a pesto-like mixture. Calabrian chili peppers are spicy, but not overly so. Although I do like spicy food, the olderRead More →