TRASTEVERE While Rome entices with its extraordinary monuments, Trastevere, one of its many distinct neighborhoods, captures the traveler’s heart. Trastevere, which translates literally to “across the Tiber,” was once considered the outskirts of Rome. Allowed to develop its own flavor and now part of il centro storico, it’s the perfect place to glimpse aRead More →

Bizu Shoes Unique Afro-Italian Brand that Revolutionized Ballerina and Mules—a Fashion to the World! The post Bizu Shoes appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: Bizu ShoesRead More →

Fiat 500, history of an idol Fiat 500 ( cinquecento ): A name, a story, a myth. A car that lasts through decades. I remember that growing up, my mother had a green Fiat 500, just like the one in the picture above, she used to drive my friends, siblings,Read More →

Italy in September In Italy, September is still part of tourist season. In many areas of the country, such as Tuscany for instance, it is in fact still considered high season. In September, locals come back from their annual August holidays, so traffic in large towns and cities is back to usual levels. The weather gets a littleRead More →