Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara This Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara is made with just 4 ingredients, egg yolks, black pepper, pecorino and guanciale. Made in 15 minutes, this creamy authentic pasta recipe will make you think you are in Rome. To tell the truth I learned to make La Carbonara with pancetta, wholeRead More →

Italian Easter Cookies – Piricchittus These simple Italian Easter Cookies also known as Piricchittus are an easy Lemon cookie recipe. Baked then sauteed in a lemon sugar mixture while warm makes them everything a Lemon lover could want. Breakfast, snack or even dessert, are the perfect times for these cookies!Read More →

Best Hotels in Rome for 2021 Finding the right hotel in Rome can really add to your experience in the Eternal City. There are hotels with rooftop restaurants, pools, amazing views, and incredible rooms. There are also hotels that are too far from the action or in a boring area.Read More →

Apple Rosemary Focaccia I make focaccia at least once a week. It is excellent for snacking on, making sandwiches, and serving at lunch and dinner alongside a bowl of soup or pasta. All of my grandkids love focaccia, and in fact, unless I hide it by freezing some of it,Read More →