Pan-Fried Tomato & Tuna Steak This is an easy tuna steak recipe with fresh tomatoes and parsley – it’s ready in less than 30 minutes! This simple dish does need a lot – the combination of the tomatoes and herbs is perfect with the tuna. It’s an easy weeknight dinnerRead More →

Caponata {New Version} Caponata is a Sicilian recipe combining a variety of vegetables that is often served as an antipasto dish. It can also be a veggie side dish to serve with roasted or grilled meat or even on a panini. My favorite way to enjoy caponata is with someRead More →

Pepatelli – Italian Christmas Cantucci These Authentic Italian Cantucci with black pepper are known as Pepatelli, they are a Christmas tradition in Italy. Mostly known as Biscotti or Cantucci this easy crunchy cookie is made with honey, nuts, orange zest and of course black pepper. So good, they may becomeRead More →

Split Second Cookies Split-Second Cookies are buttery shortbread cookies filled with jam. They’re called split-second cookies because they’re very easy and super quick to make. The dough is ready in minutes, and you don’t have to chill it. You can use any flavor jam you like to fill them, andRead More →

Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies Although I enjoy all the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, Christmas is my very favorite holiday, and I love going crazy decorating the house, baking way too many cookies, and hosting family get-togethers. I tend to go a tad overboard with my holiday baking but itRead More →