These simple and easy Baked Broccoli Tater Tots, are a healthy delicious way to get kids and adults to eat their Broccoli. Cheesy and Yummy. The perfect appetizer or side dish! During the fall and winter months we are always up to our our necks in broccoli, so trying toRead More →

Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting is the perfect Sunday Dinner Dessert, a moist chocolate cake with a creamy rich Mocha Frosting. Two layers makes it even better. I always wanted to share this cake that my Mom would make almost every Sunday and that we all loved. Her delicious moistRead More →

These Puff Pastry Appetizers are filled with a delicious blend of cheeses, tomatoes, and seasonings for the perfect snack, light meal, or appetizer. They will be gone in minutes.  These turned out so delicious and went in no time. You can make them with either store-bought puff pastry or makeRead More →

This delicious Italian Sauteed Shrimp is made in one pan and just 5 ingredients! It’s a quick and easy shrimp recipe. Perfect for a special occasion or just because! The first time I had Sautéed Shrimp was when I was newly married, and my husband and I were invited to ourRead More →

These popular Italian cookies called Abbracci are made with a buttery and crunchy vanilla and chocolate dough, that wrap around each other in a circle. Fun to make and even better to eat. When I first came to Italy I was obsessed with these crunchy, buttery cookies. And of courseRead More →

This delicious Authentic Bolognese Sauce or Ragu alla Bolognese is made with fresh ingredients and cooked low and slow. A true Bolognese sauce recipe takes time, but it is so worth it. For the true Italian tradition serve with fresh egg Tagliatelle or Pappardelle! I have been asked a fewRead More →

This Pull Apart Pizza Bread, is delicious and easy, made with store bought or homemade pizza dough. Add a simple tomato sauce and your favorite pizza toppings! It makes the perfect appetizer or even main dish. I made it with store bought pizza dough, although if you prefer you canRead More →

Pizza Roll Ups, are a fast and easy appetizer. Made with either store bought or homemade pizza dough, cheese and ham, they make a delicious addition to any meal or get together. So good! In Italy I learned that lunch is the big meal of the day. We usually startRead More →

This Streusel topped Cinnamon Coffee Cake is perfect anytime! A slice for Breakfast, snack or even dessert will certainly be a welcome treat. The delicious crumb topping is just what it needs. I have made a number of Crumb Cakes in my baking life but this Cinnamon Crumb Coffee CakeRead More →