Bretzels Pretzels are one of the world’s oldest snacks. These soft and chewy brown treats that are shaped like an open knot are a well-loved standard found at bars and cafes in Trentino-Alto Adige and of course all over Germany. The bretzel, usually called pretzel in English, is known forRead More →

Mozzarella in Carrozza Nothing is tastier or easier to make than mozzarella in carrozza sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food from Naples. This simple and straightforward dish resembles a fried grilled cheese sandwich. All that’s required are a few essential ingredients and some simple frying skills to produce these white breadRead More →

Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi What is Gnudi? Gnudi is a typical pasta dish of Tuscany,  particularly of Siena and Grosseto. Gnudi, similar to potato gnocchi, are dumplings made of ricotta cheese and spinach. These dumplings are called gnudi because they do not have any pastry that covers their filling. InRead More →

Crostini di Fegato What are crostini di fegato? Tuscan crostini di fegato, or Crostini with liver pate, is one of the most famous classic Tuscan recipes. It is usually served as an appetizer along with Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses. Crostini are simply “toasted bread slices” and crostini di fegatoRead More →

Mostarda di frutta What is mostarda? Mostarda is a typical Italian condiment made with candied fruit and mustard oil with a spicy and sweet flavor that is traditional of the Lombard culinary tradition. Born from the need to preserve fruit, it is often the protagonist of winter recipes. It canRead More →

Casoncelli alla Bergamasca What is casoncelli? Among the many stuffed types of pasta that populate the regions throughout Italy, there is one, namely casoncelli, that seems to have come long before tortellini, and agnolotti. Although casoncelli is common in many parts of Lombardy, such as Brescia, Bergamo and Val Camonica,Read More →

Baccalà alla Livornese What is Baccala alla Livornese?  Baccalà alla Livornese is a classic recipe in Tuscan cuisine and has its origins in the port city of Livorno. “Baccala” means salted cod in Italian, and as you can probably guess, the main feature of this delicious dish is the saltedRead More →

Fugassa Veneta What is Fugassa Veneta? Fugassa Veneta or “Venetian Focaccia,” is a yeasted sweet bread from Venice that is traditionally prepared and served for Easter. Although this bread was historically a dessert for the poor, it has become a famous staple in Italian cuisine.  Easter doesn’t just mean chocolateRead More →

Erbazzone What is Erbazzone? Crisp, light, fresh, and delicious, this is Erbazzone. Erbazzone is a thin savory pie made from a simple pastry filled with fresh greens, meat, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. It is a specialty of the Reggio-Emilia cuisine and makes for a tasty and healthy snack or lunch.  ARead More →

Pici all’aglione Pici all’aglione is a simple and delicious dish characteristic of Tuscan cuisine. This dish is emblematic of the Tuscan peasant tradition, and it can easily be prepared at home.  What are Pici pasta? But what is Pici? The pici pasta, also known as Tuscan spaghetti, is a thickRead More →