Strawberry Hazelnut Quick Bread   We love all berries, but I’d have to say that both strawberries and raspberries are my favorites. Just recently, I realized that strawberries would soon be out of season and I therefore felt I needed to buy them every time I visited the local groceryRead More →

Bruschetta Suggestions on how to make bruschetta and a few recipes. The post Bruschetta appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: Bruschetta Download article as PDFRead More →

Prada Last Updated on August 5, 2021 by Helga Prada signifies style and luxury, designer handbags, and fabulous shoes. Born nearly a century ago, The House of Prada with designer products is recognized worldwide for its simple and elegant creations. How did Prada start? The Prada brand’s history Mario PradaRead More →

Cacio e Pepe Recipe Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Helga When I first arrived in Rome it was very late on a Sunday evening. Ahead of me lay pure anticipation of days ahead exploring this phenomenal city. I knew there would be pavement pounding, heat, and crowds butRead More →