Crespelle With Ricotta & Spinach Filling Crespelle are Tuscan crepes that are often used in place of pasta. They can be stuffed and rolled like cannelloni or layered as you would make a lasagna. Crespelle can also be either sweet or savory. You can use a variety of fillings forRead More →

Lake Bolsena ( Activities ) Lake Bolsena is sometimes called Italy’s belly button from its shape and location in the middle of the peninsula. It is located about 100 km north of Rome and is surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Northern Lazio, sometimes called Tuscia, and has borders close toRead More →

Perfect Pumpkin Bread I haven’t visited Starbucks in a while, but if there are any slices of glazed lemon bread or pumpkin bread for sale, I am ALWAYS tempted. The pumpkin bread is usually a fall-only treat, but it is perfectly moist, slightly dense, and spiced with warm spices suchRead More →

Taleggio & Pancetta Pasta Bake I am a sucker for baked pasta of any description. Whether it is a dish of paper-thin pasta sheets in a lasagna, or a bubbly, golden brown topped pasta bake like this one, I would always choose baked pasta over any other type. This dishRead More →

Cabbage & Farro Soup When you have been blogging as long as I have (over 20 years!), you accumulate a lot of recipes. In fact, I have over 1,500 recipes posted on Italian Food Forever, but unfortunately, great recipes like this one that was shared many years ago with notRead More →