Easter traditional food An Italian Easter table is always ready to fill your eyes with beauty and your stomach with goodness The post Easter traditional food appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: Easter traditional food Download article as PDFRead More →

Smachnovo: LE CENE UCRAINE DI BENEFICENZA Perché l’identità di un popolo passa anche attraverso il riconoscimento della sua cultura gastronomica Ogni lunedì del mese di Marzo, … Leggi tutto “Smachnovo: LE CENE UCRAINE DI BENEFICENZA” Source: Smachnovo: LE CENE UCRAINE DI BENEFICENZARead More →

Altamura Focaccia {Focaccia d’Altamura} I love traveling from region to region throughout Italy as each region has its own landscape, dialect, and, best of all, specialty food items. Although we live in Umbria, Puglia will always own a piece of my heart as it is such a unique region. IRead More →

Chocolate Chip Almond Bundt Cake I went on a pound cake spree a while ago, and during that time, I tested out several recipes, tweaking them as I went along to finally get to the one I loved the most. That was my Perfect Sour Cream Lemon Pound Cake. ThisRead More →

Calabrian Chile Butter If you have followed my blog, you’ll know that I have become obsessed with Calabrian chili products. You can buy them in jars whole, or pureed into a pesto-like mixture. Calabrian chili peppers are spicy, but not overly so. Although I do like spicy food, the olderRead More →

Crespelle With Ricotta & Spinach Filling Crespelle are Tuscan crepes that are often used in place of pasta. They can be stuffed and rolled like cannelloni or layered as you would make a lasagna. Crespelle can also be either sweet or savory. You can use a variety of fillings forRead More →

Lake Bolsena ( Activities ) Lake Bolsena is sometimes called Italy’s belly button from its shape and location in the middle of the peninsula. It is located about 100 km north of Rome and is surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Northern Lazio, sometimes called Tuscia, and has borders close toRead More →

Perfect Pumpkin Bread I haven’t visited Starbucks in a while, but if there are any slices of glazed lemon bread or pumpkin bread for sale, I am ALWAYS tempted. The pumpkin bread is usually a fall-only treat, but it is perfectly moist, slightly dense, and spiced with warm spices suchRead More →