Italian Pronunciation: vowels How to pronounce vowels in Italian: Chances are that you already know how. The post Italian Pronunciation: vowels appeared first on Life in Italy. Source: Italian Pronunciation: vowels Download article as PDFRead More →

Healthier Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins When January rolls around every year, I make the decision to try and create healthier baked goods. Everyone constantly reads just how bad white sugar and flour are for you, so why not use natural sweeteners such as raw honey or maple syrup, and chooseRead More →

Baked Chicken Caprese I love chicken, especially roasted chicken. One of my favorite chicken dishes is my Breaded Chicken Cutlets With Tomatoes & Arugula. This is my go-to dish when I have limited time for cooking, but I want to make something tasty and filling. I am a poultry lover, and sinceRead More →

Parmesan & Nut Crusted Salmon For Catch Sitka Seafoods Catch Sitka Seafoods  is a family-run company from Sitka, Alaska that was created in 2018 supplying pristine, nutritious, wild-caught fish to wholesalers and restaurants. In 2020, the Pandemic changed everything as travel and restaurants were closed due to Covid. At thisRead More →

Cacio e Pepe Roasted Potatoes Cacio e Pepe is a Roman pasta dish made simply with cheese and pepper. The cheese of choice is Pecorino Romano, and when mixed with pasta along with a little pasta water, a creamy sauce is created with just a bite from the black pepper.Read More →

Italian Seafood Soup With Gremolata When I was young, my Mother always told me that whatever happened on New Year’s Day set the theme for the rest of the year. She would make us clean our rooms and demand that all of our homework was finished before we could celebrateRead More →

Cherry Almond Loaf Some recipes come from inspiration while other recipes are simply born out of need as this one was. I first made this loaf years ago. Cherry season had just begun in Umbria and I was really craving some fresh, sweet cherries. I really do love cherries, butRead More →

Roasted Root Vegetable Medley During the colder months, I love to roast trays full of vegetables to enjoy for lunch or dinner throughout the week. Roasting any vegetable allows the natural sugars to caramelize which enhances their flavor. Although you can roast just about any type of vegetable, a mixRead More →

Blood Orange Loaf During the cold, snowy months of winter, nothing perks me up more than citrus fruit. At least if you have to deal with freezing temperatures, icy roads, and have to shovel snow to get to your chicken coop, you have to find something that brings you joy.Read More →