The Easter Colomba, is a delicious traditional Italian sweet yeast bread. Make it with your favourite fillings, such as chocolate chips, candied fruit, raisins or even plain. The Perfect Italian Easter recipe for breakfast, brunch or even dessert. You know it’s almost Easter in Italy, every grocery store you goRead More →

Baked Trout is a delicious and easy Italian way to bake fish. Stuffed with fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil, then baked to perfection. Add some roasted rosemary potatoes and dinner is served. I was never a big fish or seafood lover, but then I came to Italy and discoveredRead More →

This easy Chocolate Salami is a delicious no bake Italian classic sweet treat. Fast and easy, it makes the perfect snack or even dessert. Everyone will love it. When my youngest daughter was little, she would often ask for this Italian chocolate salami, she even produced the recipe from aRead More →

Rich and flavorful, this Italian lemon ricotta cake is moist and delicious. Made with ricotta cheese and lemon. This simple Italian dessert is a classic and perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter or any celebration!  This traditional Italian lemon ricotta cake recipe will become a new favorite! It’s a rich andRead More →

Best Tiramisu Recipes, from the Authentic to Classic to Strawberry to the perfect recipe for Kids! Some with eggs some without. Try them all, all delicious. And they make the perfect dessert! Some easy, some more complicated but all incredibly tasty. I don’t think I have to introduce these EasyRead More →

Learn how to make Italian sausage right at home. It’s fresh, flavorful and tastes way better than store bought! It’s easier than you think and can be used in all your favorite recipes.  Italian sausage can be used in a variety of ways from a one pan veggie and sausageRead More →

This easy Skillet Pizza, a fast and easy deep dish Pizza Recipe made in a cast iron pan or any heavy bottomed pan. A simple tomato sauce topped with skillet fried mushrooms and pancetta and lots of melty cheese! So good! Easy Cast Iron Skillet Pizza changed the way IRead More →

This Easter Bread is a traditional Calabrian recipe, make it the Italian way by adding eggs or a sweeter way by adding sprinkles. It is the ultimate no yeast breakfast bread, serve with a cappuccino or caffe latte and start dunking! This Traditional Italian Easter Bread is a must make!Read More →

This Easy Baileys Tiramisu is filled with layers of a creamy mascarpone and Irish cream filling, ladyfingers and sprinkled with cocoa. It makes the perfect Italian dessert to celebrate anything and everything! Even St. Patrick’s day. Tiramisu in Italy whether you make a Classic Tiramisu or an Authentic Tiramisu isRead More →

Brutti ma Buoni biscotti also known as ugly but good cookies are just that, well not even that ugly, but absolutely delicious! Made with only four ingredients these gluten free cookies can be eaten by almost everyone. These Italian cookies are probably one of the most popular cookies sold inRead More →